Comparison between Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento

Talking about the two-car models Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento satisfactorily counted after the big car companies Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai to name a few. Both car brands fall into the premium sedan category. Also, the two belong to the same Volkswagen group projecting that they are similar to each other in many ways. Still, they are different from each other making them stand apart from the buyer’s point of view to choose which one to buy and seems worth it to spend a huge amount of money on. Well to make the right decision let’s talk about the comparison between Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento.

  • The difference in size- There is a little bit of difference between the size of the two models. The Skoda is 23mm longer than the Vento, whereas the bodyshell of the Vento is only 1mm bigger than rapid. Talking about the other dimensions, the height of the two is merely a 1mm difference. The weight of the rapid is less than the Vento. Moving on to the next point of comparison that is in terms of their looks and designs.
  • Exterior and interior design comparison- Both of the car models have a similar style as well but where the difference comes is in their dashboard styling. Rapid is a 5 seater with 4 doors having a wader of 460 liters. Whereas a Vento is a 5 seater with 5 doors having a boot space of 500 liters. The arc lamp and the headlights of the two are also different. However, both of them share common exterior looks like power mirrors with indicators, automatic folding mirrors, and rain sensors with self wiping.

Talking about the interior layout, both are somewhat similar. The front space of the two is highly feasible. The central system of both is the same having the balloon windy duct and climate controls beneath. The clutches of the two are also the same. The material used for making the interior space is similar in the two. Rapid’s interior style is more sleek and sporty looking.

  • Now the main point of comparison between the two is based on features. Well, they also share kinda similar characteristics. The safety features of both the models are also identical with double airbags on the front, day and night back view mirrors, seat belt alert, and back parking alert. With some more additions in the safety features, only Skoda has 4 frontal airbags.

Entertainment features- Both come with an 8-inch touchscreen display having android and apple self-support tools, back air vents, power steering wheel, and strong windows, rear head, and armrests.

  • Engine and transmission- Both have front drive wheel manual transmissions. Skoda comes with the option of a single-engine which is a twin-charged petrol engine. Whereas Vento comes with two transmission choices, a manual as well as automatic transmission with 6 mph speed. One factor in this is the transmission repair of the two. Whether you choose a Skoda or Volkswagen both need a single service and process for their gear repairs.
  • The Rapid brake system has a disc-style with triangular shelving and drum backs at the rear. In contrast to this Vento has bar suspension stability with air disc brakes for the front wheels.
  • Based on their maintenance, Vento would need more detailed servicing due to its frequent changes in the features whereas Skoda would need less frequent maintenance. One can easily find a  skoda service center near me to take your rapid for quick servicing.

Both of the car models have their features which make them a good option to choose from while buying an ideal car.

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