About Us

Our Services

Wrench Dynasty, a luxury multi-brand car workshop that provides a great car repair service experience all under one roof. Services like never before, from upskilled car services to beautification services like ceramic coating and paint polishing to turn your car into glistening new. From taking care of your comfort to providing you with a remarkable service experience, here at Wrench Dynasty we take care of all your car needs and comfort because your luxury is our responsibility.

Why did we start?

I found myself helpless and exhausted from paying heavy bills at a car dealership. The idea always revolved in my mind, that one has to pay almost as much as purchasing a car at the authorized car dealership for servicing over the life of the car, which is a heavy expense incurred by the owners. And also, getting our luxury cars serviced at the local service centre never seemed reliable.

So I decided to provide the great quality services offered by other authorized car dealerships at a fraction of the price at Wrench Dynasty. Offering the customers quality at a much lower price never appeared so easy and credible.

-Ritvik Poddar
(Director, Wrench Dynasty)